Pre-production new Rammstein album starts in september

We knew that members of Rammstein were going to meet in September 2015 to discuss the future of the group. But during an audio interview he had with about his Lindemann project, Till even announced that Rammstein would start working on a new Rammstein album:

MU : Till, beaucoup de fans de Rammstein aimeraient savoir s’il y a un nouvel album et une nouvelle tournée prévus pour 2016.

Till : La préproduction commence cet automne, en septembre. Habituellement, quand on embarque dans le processus de production, ça nous prend environ 2 ans. Bref, oui il y aura quelque chose pour bientôt.

MU : Donc, c’est plutôt pour 2017?

Till : Oui.


MU: Till, many fans of Rammstein would like to know if there is a new album and a new tour planned for 2016.

Till: Pre-production begins this fall in September. Usually, when one embarks on the production process, it takes us about 2 years. In short, yes there will be something soon.

MU: So it’s more for 2017?

Till: Yes.

This is great news, but as always with Rammstein, everything could change by then. Anyway, if new album there, it will not come out until 2017.

You can hear the full interview here (In France):

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