• 2019 tour viral campaign started (+ first dates confirmed)

    Yesterday evening the viral campaign for the 2019 tour started, with teasers appearing in many different cities accross Europe. These teasers only showed the stadiums the band will play at next summer and the hashtag #GibtFeinAcht.
    For the Netherlands teasers for a stadium which probably is De Kuip in Rotterdam appeared.

    Also the first shows are allready semi-confirmed thanks to official concert posters appearing around the cities..

    27-05 – Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen (DE)
    28-05 – Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen (DE)
    08-06 – Olympia Stadion, Munchen (DE)
    12-06 – Rudolf Harbig Stadion, Dresden (DE)
    13-06 – Rudolf Harbig Stadion, Dresden (DE)
    16-06 – Ostseestadion, Rostock (DE)
    02-07 – HDI Arena, Hannover (DE)
    13-07 – Commerz-Bank Arena, Frankfurt (DE)

    More dates will follow.

  • New album “A Million Degrees” will be released on 30 november

    On 30 november the new Emigrate album, “A Million Degrees”, will be released.
    This is the third album of Richard Z. Kruspe’s sideproject, and the first new release in 5 years.
    The album will be released in a digipack edition and on vinyl. Other version will possible follow.

    The tracklist for the new album:

    1. War
    2. 1234 feat. Benjamin Kowalewicz
    3. A Million Degrees
    4. Lead You On feat. Margaux Bossieux
    5. You Are So Beautiful
    6. Hide and Seek
    7. We Are Together
    8. Let’s Go feat. Till Lindemann
    9. I’m Not Afraid feat. Cardinal Copia
    10. Spitfire
    11. Eyes Fade Away

    Source: https://www.this-is-emigrate.com/

  • No more tours at the Beelitz Heilstätten complex in the future

    It was well known to all Rammstein fans worldwide that their last video’s for “Mein Herz Brennt” were shot on location at the Beelitz Heilstätten complex near Berlin.
    Maybe not everyone knew they were able to do a guided tour around the complex and through some of the buildings, incluiding the “Männerklinik”, where this video was shot. But sad news for everyone who knew this and wanted to do a tour next year.
    The whole complex got sold and will be restored. The first building are allready renovated and all the others will follow. The Männerklinik is part of the last fase of renovation work to be done.

    Tour organisation Go2Know will give their last tours of the complex this november and december and than it is over.
    For more information about these tours and the tourschedule visit their website: https://www.go2know.de/