• “Ach So Gern” will be the next video to be released

    Lindemann started teasing for the upcoming “Ach So Gern” video.
    But it’s release date is still unknown.
    Also unknown is of this clip will be for the original version of the song or the Pain version. But there seem to be a lot more version/remixes of this song recorded.
    Will the all be released on the next single?

    Did you al know the video for this song was already shot in 2017 at the same location as the video for “Knebel”?
    Yep. The video was recorded in Rummu quarry, Estonia in June 2017. Here is the news article from that time https://m.kroonika.delfi.ee/article.php?id=78537613

  • F&M is released today

    Yes, after patiently waiting for months and already hearing 3 singles of the new Lindemann album, F&M was finally released today.
    On the album you’ll find songs in many different musical styles and even some songs you don’t expect on a rock/metal album.

    You will even recognize the “Mathematik” bonustrack from last years single with German rapper Haftbefel. But this time it is without the rap lyrics.

  • Lindemann announches 2020 Tour dates

    After some rumors and hints by Peter Tagtgren and Peter Stromae about a possible 2020 Europe tour, Lindemann has finally announced their first ever Europe tour today.
    The tour starts on 4 februari 2020 in Hannover, Germany and will last till 29 februari, with the last show in Helsinki, Finland.

    Ticketsale will start this friday 8 november at 10:00am CET