2019 tour viral campaign started (+ first dates confirmed)

Yesterday evening the viral campaign for the 2019 tour started, with teasers appearing in many different cities accross Europe. These teasers only showed the stadiums the band will play at next summer and the hashtag #GibtFeinAcht.
For the Netherlands teasers for a stadium which probably is De Kuip in Rotterdam appeared.

Also the first shows are allready semi-confirmed thanks to official concert posters appearing around the cities..

27-05 – Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen (DE)
28-05 – Veltins Arena, Gelsenkirchen (DE)
08-06 – Olympia Stadion, Munchen (DE)
12-06 – Rudolf Harbig Stadion, Dresden (DE)
13-06 – Rudolf Harbig Stadion, Dresden (DE)
16-06 – Ostseestadion, Rostock (DE)
02-07 – HDI Arena, Hannover (DE)
13-07 – Commerz-Bank Arena, Frankfurt (DE)

More dates will follow.

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