To celebrate the bands anniversary their 20 best songs according


For two decades they hold the German music world in suspense. We celebrate 20 years with 20 songs.
The German website made up a list of what they think are the 20 best Rammstein songs.

Berlin – A mere fifteen visitors romped the first concert of Rammstein in April 1994. Who would have thought that these six DDR guys a little later the German and soon afterwards also determined the international music scene at will? The fascination of Rammstein has not faded even twenty years later. That a concert by the Berlin 6 could not have be sold out: now almost utopian.

Since its early days, Till Lindemann, Paul Landers, Richard Z. Kruspe , Christoph ” Doom” Schneider, Oliver Rieder and Christian ” Flake” Lorenz shine with probably the best stage show in the world. Frontmann Lindemann specially trained as a fireworks technician in order to realize the spectacular pyrotechnics for which the band is known. Performances by Rammstein mean theater, music and battle alike. That the Berserker Lindemann is supposed to be quite shy , and so during a concert avoids the view of the audience , seems inconceivable .

Theater, music and battle

But let’s face it : Although the show is no longer just an accessory , but an integral part of the phenomenon Rammstein , against the songs of the first molar , they still can not get far . Every single one of the more than ninety titles impresses even today. Often copied, never defeated : The sound of the Berlin act even after all these years, is still unique and unmatched .

Committing to the twenty best tracks of this high-caliber canon : no easy task. Here are likely opinions are as far apart as in almost any other musical act. We tried anyway. Nun liebe Kinder, gebt fein Acht …

Ich hab’ euch etwas mitgebracht. << Click on the link to see the TOP 20!


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