Who wants to have an original RZK signature guitar?

Just over a year ago Richard started to sell some of the gear he has used over the years, during live performances and in the studio.
Now he has put 2 of his famous guitars up for sale on Bandist.
They are his original Signature guitar the ESP RZK-I and it succesor the RZK-II Burnt.

The RZK-I will go for 2.990,00 € and the RZK-II can be yours for just 3.990,00 €
Sadly the RZK-II won’t come in it’s original case, because that got lost over the years.
Both guitars will come properly packed including a hand-signed certificate by Richard.

* Direct link to the RZK-I
* Direct link to the RZK-II
* Other RZK gear for sale @ Bandist

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