• The truth about Till wearing a Putin shirt


    Rammstein made a public statement about the faked picture of Till wearing a t-shirt that features the portrait of Vladimir Putin.

    Truth or forgery

    At the moment, various photos are circulating on the Internet showing Till Lindemann in a T-shirt with an image of Vladimir Putin. Till Lindemann never wore this shirt. Someone photoshopped a photo of Till, as you can see here from the original image.

    Till Lindemann also never made any comments refering to Vladimir Putin that were published on these Internet pages.

    Source: http://rammstein.de/

  • Rammstein makes a shocking return live on stage

    After 3 years of silence, Rammstein made a shocking return on stage last week.
    With a new show and some new effects the band played there first live show in 3 years, last week at the Gods Of Metal festival in Monza, Italy.

    Rammstein is already known for there shocking performances, but this time many people find it way over the top.


    The band plays the song “Zerstören” for the very first time live during this summer festival tour.
    The band starts this song and singer Till enters the stage tap dancing and wearing a large coat.
    Nothing special you would think. But this song will end when Till takes off that coat and revealing a bomb belt and letting it explode afterwards.
    Terrorism as theme for this song will not be very suitable according many people, because of the resent IS attacks in Paris and Brussels.

    Source: http://www.berliner-kurier.de/berlin/leute/rammstein-dieser-auftritt-ist-sprengstoff-24175638

  • Summer Festival Tour Started

    Yesterday Rammstein started their summer festival tour at the Gods Of Metal festival in Monza, Italy.
    They played almost the same setlist as they did during the 2 rehearsal shows in Berlin last week.
    There was only one difference. They only played 16 songs instead of 17, Ohne Dich (Acoustic) was not played.

    More video’s from this show: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLxejP729P_Te0Uq4-vc6HMXX79Z89-jBE

    This was the setlist:

  • Rammstein announced two exclusive tour practice concerts


    Rammstein announced two exclusive tour practice concerts on 26 & 28 may before the start of the summer festivals.

    Tickets can not be bought but only won by LIFAD members.
    Good luck to everyone participating!



  • Rammstein headlines Maximus Festival in Brasil & Argentina

    Ci54VLRWEAAz5lY.jpg largeCi54VJ6W0AAGWYw.jpg large

    Rammstein just got announched to headline the Maximus Festival in Sao Paulo (7 september) and Buenos Aires (10 september)

    More info at: http://maximusfestival.com.br/ & http://maximusfestival.com.ar/