• Lindemann are planning 2016 Europe tour

    According to a photo taken from the official promotional folder for the Skills In Pills album, are Lindemann planning a Europe tour in the first half of 2016


    Thanks to Rammwiki and Niklas Magnusson for the photo.

  • Lindemann enters Top 10 Dutch Album charts


    Lindemann reaches the Top 10 album chart

    Singer Till ‪#‎Lindemann‬ does not need the other members of Rammstein. ‪#‎SkillsInPills‬, the first album by his side project Lindemann, enters the Dutch Album Top 100 in his first week at number 6. Admittedly the latest studio album by Rammstein, Liebe Ist Für Alle Da, took in 2009 the top spot of the Dutch album sales list, but a solid sixth place also provides a bit of nice pocket money. This is especially good news for Tills partner-in-crime, Peter ‪#‎Tägtgren‬, …..

    Source: www.metalfan.nl


    Added a link to the website of the Dutch Album Top 100 and a screenshot of this weeks page

    Lindemann Dutch Album Top 100 - 27-06-2016

  • Rammstein.nl at the Christopher Street Day

    Rammstein.nl is proud to take part in this years Christopher Street Day (Gay Pride) in Berlin. As this event coinsides with the anual LIFAD treffen we are looking forward to participating in this event and spead some LIFAD!

    Here is the official statement:
    Rammstein-fans from all over Europe and the USA want to set an example against trans- and homophobia and fight for complete juridical equality (Article 3 of the German constitution) by taking part in the Berlin CSD (=Christopher Street Day=Gay Pride)

    We also chose the name “Liebe ist für alle da” (title of a Rammstein-album) to increase our demands and to show people outside Rammstein-community what the band, which supports this project, stands for as well.

    LIFAD Gay parade flag - medium

  • Lindemann – Metal duo on escalation Course

    Rammstein frontman Till Lindemann has teamed up with Swedish industrial metallist Peter Tägtgren. Their project goes by the name of Lindemann and features much of the same schlock-horror lyrics and visuals favored by Rammstein. “Praise Abort” is the first single off their debut album “Skills in Pills” – and goes all out to court controversy.

    Source: www.dw.de

  • New snippets added to album player

    Lindemann has added some new snippets from tracks of their upcoming album Skills In Pills added to the album player on their website, but you can also check them out on their youtube channel.

    The tracks you can now listen to are: Skills In Pills, Ladyboy, Fat, Golden Shower and Yukon