• 20 Years Rammstein Live


    Today it’s 20 years ago that Rammstein played their first concert.
    The band presented at that time in a small club in Leipzig a handful of spectators a show for the millions of people on five continents attended the concert halls and festivals to date.

    © Rammstein

    Interesting facts:

    • The first performances of the songs Rammstein, Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen?, Du riechst so gut, Weisses Fleisch and Biest.

    Source: www.rammwiki.net

  • In Stillen Nachten” in het Nederlands

    De Duitse band Rammstein staat bekend om zijn provocerende teksten en krankzinnige
    optredens. Minder bekend is dat zanger Till Lindemann gedichten schrijft en net
    een nieuwe bundel uitbracht. Nederland is het eerste land waar een vertaling
    verschijnt; jakhaks Erik sprak met de zanger van Rammstein.


    The German band Rammstein is known for his provocative lyrics and insane
    performances. Less well known is that singer Till Lindemann writes poems and has just released
    a new bundle. The Netherlands is the first country where a translation
    appears; jakhaks Erik spoke with the singer of Rammstein.

    Bron: http://dewerelddraaitdoor.vara.nl/media/312846

  • New items added to the Rammsteinshop

    This week Rammstein added some great new items to their official shop.
    One great new item is the Women’s ”Frühling in Paris” Tank Top, avialable in many sizes.

    For everyone who not only wants to hear, see, and wear Rammstein. The band added a “Rammstein Logo Toaster” to the shop, so now you can eat Rammstein too.


    rst_toaster_b750-4_140410132237 rst_toaster_t750-6_140411083241

    Source: shop.rammstein.de

  • “Du hast…” – “Wacken 3D – Louder than hell”


    “Du hast…” – “Wacken 3D – Louder than hell” directed by Norbert Heitker – in cinemas on 24 July 2014!

    75,000 metal fans are standing in a meadow in the Schleswig-Holstein village of Wacken and are singing like a bombastic choir “Du Hast” by Rammstein. The night sky is lit up by pyrotechnics and hundreds of lights. Nearby are a couple of cows, they may find it a little noisy but wonder no more …





  • Hard Beat – The Rock Ballet

    Who thought that Rammstein and ballet would go together???
    In this report from NDR television you can catch a glimpse of this strange combination. My guess: it’s beautiful!

    More information at: www.theater-schwerin.de