• Richard about the future of Rammstein

    Guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe of German industrial metallers RAMMSTEIN spoke to UK’s Metal Hammer magazine about the band’s current status, five years after the release of RAMMSTEIN‘s latest studio album, “Liebe Ist Für Alle Da”.

    “I think RAMMSTEIN [is one of] those things [that] can never be over,” Kruspe said (see video below). “The thing [about] those things is that they develop their own chemistry, their own energy. I think even if we would say it would be over, it would never be over. So if you’re asking me if we’re doing something right now, the answer is, we’re taking time off.”

    He continued: “We just met a couple of months ago and we were just talking. We always meet once a year to see how everyone is, how people are. And so we decided to not do anything at the moment, so we’ll meet up next year again. But there’s so many things that we have in the pipeline that we’re gonna do… We have a live DVD coming out, we have another live DVD coming out, we have another live DVD… We have so many live DVDs right now that we have to work that through. So, I think, at the moment, everyone does his own thing. I think it’s important, because, again, RAMMSTEIN was always a band that took their time, that listened to themselves, listened to what they need, how much time they need between [albums].”

    He added: “One good thing about that the music industry changed is that you don’t have to do a record every year — it’s not necessary — and I think a lot of people that did this put [out] records that weren’t that great. So I like that idea, actually, to take breaks. Again, I think we will come back together. I love touring with RAMMSTEIN, and if somebody has a vision for a record, we’ll do another record.”

    Source: Blabbermouth.net

  • Rumoured Live DVD/Blu-Ray release date



    There are some new rumours talking about a possible release date for the new Rammstein Live DVD/Blu-Ray.
    The date they are talking about is December 17th.
    There are no words about what concert this DVD/Blu-Ray will be from. So will it be New York, Montreal or Paris?

    Source: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rammsteinnl/565232316869051

  • Album teaser and new website design

    Yesterday the German webshop Amazon.de put the new Emigrate album online for pre-order.
    Today Richard made the news official on the Emigrate website.
    He had also put a teaser video online:

    Other great news is that the official Emigrate website got a new design.


    Included with this new design are many new band/promo shots. Here are some examples:


    Source: http://www.emigrate.eu/

  • Information about new Emigrate album

    The German webshop Amazon.de has listed the new Emigrate album on there website.
    The title of the new album will be “Silent So Long” and the album will be released on 17 october 2014 in Germany. The price of the album will be EUR 20,31 for German buyers.
    Sadly no artwork or tracklist avialable yet.
    The album will also be released in a 2-disc vinyl edition for EUR 23,43.

    Source: http://www.amazon.de/Silent-So-Long-Emigrate/dp/B00LXLQNR4/

  • Wacken 3D – Preview for Rammstein fans


    Rammstein fans can see the Wacken 3D movie before the release date!

    Win 2 tickets to the preview of the Wacken 3D movie, exclusively for Rammstein fans, on July 23 at 20:00 clock in the “Kino in der Kulturbrauerei” in Berlin.

    Just answer this following question:
    - At what stage were Rammstein playing at the Wacken Open Air 2013?

    Send an e-mail with the answer, with the words of your full name to:

    All correct answers will be giving away 75 x 2 tickets for the preview of the Wacken 3D movie on July 23, 2014 at 20.00 clock in the “Kino in der Kulturbrauerei” (Schön Allee 36) in Berlin.
    The winners will be notified by e-mail.

    Deadline for entries is July 17, 2014

    Source: http://www.wacken3d-film.de/rammstein-gewinnspiel.html